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PICK ME | Sabine Pick | Calligraphy Artist | Byron Bay NSW
Sabine Pick is a modern day calligraphy artist, painting with words
calligraphy, artist, hand writing, pen, ink, art,
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Modern day calligraphy artist | painting with words
Sabine Pick - calligraphy artist

ABOUT SABINE Like fingerprints, everybody’s handwriting is unique. The outward expression of the inner soul, handwriting is a labour of the heart and hand. In the loops, dots and scribbles our authentic story is written. This physical act of writing – scratching letters onto paper – fully engages the senses.  There is texture and tactility, movement and rhythm. It is a living thing, different this day, this hour, to the next. Through emotion and experience, hand-lettering elevates the alphabet beyond mere symbols into art – beautiful and unrepeatable.  I believe in the artistry of letters and the gesture of words – the curves of an m, the toss of a dotted i, the string of cursive letters. And as the letter curl and words intertwine they write their own poetry. Harmony and discord is voiced in the curves and lines, while smudges and drips favour feelings over legibility. Emotional, physical and real, the art of hand-lettering reminds us we are human.

hand penned word art

PICK ME STUDIO Pick Me is my artisanal studio, based in Byron Bay, Australia, where I, Sabine, offer a range of hand-lettering services including contemporary calligraphy, custom logo design, limited edition products, artists books, and bespoke script projects. My work is both exquisite and unexpected. Renowned for its modern and unconventional aesthetic, it has been commissioned for clients such as fashion designer Collette Dinnigan, stylist Shannon Fricke, jeweller Chelsea de Luca jewellery, and Country Style magazine. I have been captivated by the art of handwriting for as long as I can remember. I have poured over one hundred-year-old handwritten letters I found at markets and practised my script with nibs until they broke. Over the years I have taken many courses and workshops, exploring the textuality of handwriting and honing my individual style. After enjoying a long career in graphic design in magazine publishing I knew I wanted to play with pen and ink everyday.

transform words into art